Saturday, August 09, 2008

Youth (High School) Entrepreneurship Course:

The Idaho Rural Partnership's Entrepreneurship Task Force commissioned the Idaho Digital
Learning Academy ( to create a new version of the required
'Economics' course that has a major, major entrepreneurship spin to it. It must meet the
state's standards which aren't too high, but do push students toward financial literacy (which we've talked about before). They develop and deliver true distance-delivery courses in an amazing array of subjects. Definitely worth checking out, even if this course doesn't interest you.

IDLA's deal is that schools do not have to pay extra for students to take their courses.
Obviously, the home-schooled, et al. are a key market, but it's open to any Idaho HS student. And it really pays off for rural students.

IDLA is REALLY good at distance-delivery and are very cost-effective. Only $10K to develop
and TechConnect has put up the $10K, so added kudos to Reverend Rick!

Course content obviously must follow the Econ standards BUT we also have adapted cutting-edge entrepreneurship material provided to us by the entrepreneurship training group of the International Labour Organisation. [Note: ILO has done entrepreneurship training in developing countries since the late 1970s! Not your typical UN-type outfit...] ILO's youth entrepreneurship program in (or will be in) ~30 countries. Their flagship is "Know About Business" first course & IDLA is adapting much of that KAB material. Students also have a series of genuine experiential exercises provided by yours truly that will make this unique. All this will be followed by at least one more course that will be a 'pure' entrepreneurship elective.

* Nobody has a true distance-delivery HS entrepreneurship course of this type
* Nobody else has access to the ILO's battle-tested content material & their guru, Bob Nelson
* Nobody else has the bleeding-edge experiential approach... (well, almost...)

Now, two or three national conferences want this presented - a real coup for Idaho.

Note: This is particularly good for the entrepreneurial community (and the economic development community) - the students will want to build bridges to both, so there should be opportunities for all of us to help.

PLEASE feel free to pass this along to parents... and students who might have some interest - thanks!



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