Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Back from Germany and now headed to a conference but... to honor the absolutely terrific IdaVation & TechLaunch last week, I'll have a couple of short items for my economic developer & entrepreneurial friends!

A "Tool You Can Use"
Presentations are critical - but as our Web 2.0 friends like Brian Critchfield & Justin Foster tell us - it's really conversation!

Check out www.liminalevent.com - this was to be a 1-hour free webcast last month in honor of National Small Business Week, but we blew up their servers. The CEO called everyone who emailed in & offered all 3 hours free. (The in-person attendees dropped $600.) It's an easy registration and, yup, it's still free. However, the links are going away very soon, so check it out ASAP.

[But if you want the Cliff's Notes version, go over to:
where I've posted a link that covers the gist of this guy's approach - his "POWER" model and the diabolically clever "8 second drill" that ALL of us need to use! I've also linked there to the Geoffrey Moore worksheet for drafting your elevator pitch, a TechConnect favorite.]

This is all stuff worth sharing with friends, clients & others who talk too much (ok, others who talk as much as *I* do! LOL)




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