Sunday, April 27, 2008

Entrepreneurial Joy!!

Howdy, all- Lots of good stuff to share in the next few days (this blog has a rather large backlog of stuff I need to share... or just rant about?)

Sometimes, we lose sight of why thinking like an entrepreneur is so, well, rewarding...

I'm training Air Force officers up here in Montana (typical Montana day - from white-out snow to 65 degrees, LOL) and one of my young colleagues from Germany, Rene Mauer, is traveling the US with two of his fellow doctoral students. They are having a lot of fun, as you'll see. (I'm lobbying them to visit Idaho, but there's just too much to see in the Bay Area, I guess.But you can get a sense of the entrepreneurial *joy* they are finding out there. And "joy" IS the right word...

If you like it, drop Rene an email!


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