Saturday, April 26, 2008

Great news to share!

I have accepted formal status as Fellow of the Max Planck Institute of Economics, specifically to their Entrepreneurship, Growth & Public Policy Group , the #1 think tank for promoting entrepreneurship & economic growth in the world!

They might not have tapped me if it hadn't been for working with you all. The best theory, yes, but also the best practice too!It's exciting but a bit daunting BUT it also has great potential benefit for *Idaho*.

The opportunity to collaborate with David Audretsch, probably the #1 guy in understanding entrepreneurial economic development is huge.Here's the first example: We've already been discussing how to design a virtual, multi-institutional program/center to advance technology commercialization & tech transfer. The POC model (below) is excellent, but only works if you can kill off all the turf battles.

Dave has already assessed best practices in single-institution programs (the so-called "Proof of Concept" center that I shared with you all a couple times since last year, so forgive me if I inflict that report [linked] on you a 3rd or 4th time). Dave thinks Idaho is a *perfect* situation with its three universities, INL and the private sector. (I've also touched base with pretty much all the top programs that we should model & getting good feedback. This could even induce some Idaho envy.) Anyway, it's a logical step to show what will work (and what won't) - all the evidence points in the exact same direction. Of course, we still have the big "if" - can we zero out turf issues & let the experts run things?

If not, well, we'll move on yet again. Still..... time to start working, I guess! (Allies & friends welcome... always!)

I am ramping up a bunch of blog posts, so keep your eyes peeled!


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