Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Want to Prove the Naysayers Wrong?

Nattering Nabobs of Negativity? :) ***
I'm hearing drumbeats that I am a fool. That I am wasting my time trying to grow a more entrepreneurial Idaho. All I get is patted on the head. The right people will NEVER listen... and take the bold action required.
Yes, there are days I get that feeling but really? Really??
            Here's my sense:
I am 100% sure that we CAN do this, we CAN grow a more entrepreneurial economy
I am 100% sure that we SHOULD try - the payoffs are so high, the risks so low
I am 100% sure that we WON'T -too many people just aren't willing to do the right things the right way (and for the right reasons)
I'm asking YOU, my friends and acquaintances, to tell me the truth. 
AM I a fool to keep trying?
Better still, PROVE ME WRONG! :)
In the meantime... here's what keeps me going. I get tears in my eyes when I have exchanges like these on Twitter, Facebook or email...
@entrep_thinking obviously yeah and It was a great inspirational job u did there, here's another one 😃 pic.twitter.com/Nk5x36AX
@OAlkrem No, it was YOU students who were incredible!!
@entrep_thinking I just wanted to thank u for your unforgettable efforts best entrepreneurship event ever 😃
[these first three are in opposite order] 
Bottom of Form
@OAlkrem Well, great students and all those rock stars from @universityaalto & @aaltoes like @SteffenFarny - how could it not be incredible?

[ I've GOT to get back in the classroom. :)  ]
·        Omnya Mohamed · Friends with Amal AbdElhakam Abbas
I Remember U , when U said " Yes we can " 
we pleased for coming 
Norris Krueger and... yes, you CAN!!!! So proud of my new friends at CU!

OK, maybe I feel better ;) 

But I need to go "all in"... will you join me?

Here’s to an incredibly entrepreneurial 2013, everyone!


*** most of you are waaaay too young to remember that one! J


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