Sunday, November 11, 2012

From Arab Spring to an Entrepreneurial Summer?

A replay of an earlier post is below but now I’m here. In Cairo.
First of all, there are “only” 25 million people in this metro area. All of them smoke and drive like, well, like I do J. Took over an hour to get to the hotel [25km downtown]. Hotel doesn’t take debit cards and my hosts have yet to arrive, so I’m cooling my heels in the lobby. People-watching has been a blast. (I also get to revise my stuff for tomorrow when we kick off Global Entrepreneurship Week over at Cairo University and… yes, the red shoes are ready to rock!
Training the “next” generation of entrepreneurship teachers gets pretty real when “next” is actually the “first” generation. Going to pull out all the learning tools in my kit and it’ll be worth it. The entrepreneurial buzz is here; not sure The Powers That Be actually notice (let alone get it) but it’s very, very real.
Wish me luck. Tell me to work my sorry butt off. And PLEASE send your warmest wishes to Egypt’s Entrepreneurial Summer. Twitter, Facebook or norris.krueger[at]!

..updated post from spring...
“From Arab Spring to Entrepreneurial Autumn Summer?”
Wow. Cairo University is celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week for the first time with a major conference in partnership with Finland’s new Aalto University**
And they want me here. (Infidel heathen that I am… LOL)
I am at a loss for words.
Maybe folks like Phil Auerswald & Calestous Juma & the Startup Weekend crew are right:
Entrepreneurs WILL save the world.
And that makes make we do – and, yes, what YOU do – even more important.

p.s. The December 3 lean startup conference simulcast is still a ‘go’ – please book some ‘hooky’ time for the 3rd!


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