Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cairo Day 2

Cairo Day 2

I! Am! An Entrepreneur!

I! Am! An EGYPTIAN! Entrepreneur!

170+ chanting this in unison. Always riles up the crowd... but they are already hungry.
Hungry to figure how to put themselves at the center of their own lives.

At the center of the own education.

For almost all, this is the first deeply experiential class they've ever had.

5-6 hours today in a workshop on business modelling -
I can't wait to see what these students will do with the business model canvas.

p.s. Team Eagles still representing!

Steffen Farny leads off by showing how STUDENTS are leading the revolution in entrepreneurial learning
(e.g., Startup Sauna)

Paper airplanes EVERYWHERE.. (do you know this fun exercise?)

177 students in 36 teams and only 4* of us.... helping them through all 9 cells of the Business Model Canvas
[* Aalto's Steffen Farny, Povilas Valiuga, Vera Haataja plus me]
All those teams in less than 5 hours... Wow! (I seem to be saying "Wow!" frequently these days)

Meanwhile, Aalto's Paula Kyro (our fearless leader), Agnieszka Kurczewska (Lodz) and Aalto's great Small Business Center gurus, Anne Gustafsson-Pesonen and Pentti Mustalampi were coaching the teachers on constructivistic education.

But that was only prologue...


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