Monday, October 01, 2012

Thank you! And a fun tool for inspiring change!

Hi,everyone! First of all, I have to thank many of you for your kind words about the Idaho Innovation Awards.  I am grateful to be in the company of such cool finalists.*  If I knew so many were cheering me on... well, words fail me.

In return , I'd love to share a powerful (but fun) tool to get people psyched up... and to get them thinking. What can ONE person do?

Watch this video (and turn up the volume!) this is an iconic movie scene that I use to ask these three questions... that I'd like YOU to answer. It's now Oct 1 - three months left in 2012. In that time:
* What can WE do to make a difference today?
* What can we do to help someone ELSE make a difference?
* What can *I* do to help you??

Also, I have been slacking on my communication. The downside of social media is that I forget about email & my blog. On my way back from a global workshop on experiential learning in social entrepreneurship (in Denver, in a hotel full of Oakland Raiders fans and their, um, outfits :) I made a list of blog topics - I'd love to know which ones excite you (or bore you) the most.

* Social (& sustainable) entrepreneurship - its importance & the good news here in Idaho
* "Defragging" the entrepreneurial ecosystem
* How to expand our celebrating of what we have (not worrying what we don't)
* for example, the Eagle-based Symbee Stars project.. you will like.
* Some thoughts about improving our use of crowdfunding (usually, the "next big thing"... isn't. Crowdfunding IS a game-changer. Read the blog post below this one.)
* My Japan trip - massive eye-openers I want to share
* My OECD trip to evaluate entrepreneurship education at German universities - again some great lessons
* My new friends at the Startup Genome project in SF []
* Impact investing: Investing to get social/environmental returns AND financial returns (triple bottom line as economic engine).
               Anything else you'd like me to research?

* ; 


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