Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Top Ten Policy Imperatives in Promoting Entrepreneurship & Entrepreneurial Job Creation

Optimistic version… J

Top Ten Policy Imperatives in Promoting Entrepreneurship
and Entrepreneurial Job Creation

Thou shalt... 

1. Design Policy and Tactics Bottom-Up, not Top-Down

2. Avoid “Amateur Night”

3. Strategic Intent, Not “Shiny Baubles” (“ooh.. there goes a rabbit”?)

4. Understand Dynamics of Job Creation… Deeply

5. Understand the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem… Deeply

6. Understand the Entrepreneurial Mindset… Deeply
(novice-to-expert, not skills/knowledge)

7. Immerse… Deeply

8. Be Bold / Disruptive or… Go Home (not incremental)

9. Wield the Bully Pulpit – Celebrate, Educate, Initiate

10. Leverage Connectivity

So.... what did I miss? What needs to be cut? Changed?

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Anonymous Benjamin said...

I like it! I am a local Boise entrepreneur too. I just started a half price title loan business, so thanks for the tips!

10:14 PM  

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