Monday, April 23, 2012

Lean Launch Pad! (What Do Business Model Generation & Lean Startup Have in Common with Social Media??)

What Do Business Model Generation and Lean Startup Have in Common with Social Media??

Ever notice how many 'experts' there are for social media? Who, well, aren't? It is easy to get excited about something that has great power and it's all too easy to fall into the trap of confusing passion with expertise. (I know that *I* have been guilty of this myself! LOL)

I got to talk about Lean Startup and Biz Model Generation while in Twente to a mix of people who have already found it useful and those for whom it was brand-new. Great to see them help each other. What fun! 

At the end of the month, I'll probably teach people about it in Germany. Hell, I seem to be teaching it almost weekly. (Maybe someday I can figure out how to get paid for it? LOL At least I'm getting pretty good at it...)

But in the meantime... if you need someone to coach people at this, just holler!

And... I assume you've heard of Steve Blank. If not, promise me that you'll spend an hour or so at (and even if you have!) Steve has created a terrific course on this at Stanford and now the NSF is using it to commercialize the 100 most promising technologies that they funded (see ""Innovation Corps"). It's a blended delivery model but before long all the classes will be fully available online... for free!

The great folks at Startup Weekend have raised the ante even further - they are encouraging local meetups to take Steve's online course and make it into a blended course. They asked (ordered? LOL) me to do this in Idaho. (If you're not in Idaho, I can help you find your own local meetup.) I've mentioned this before but I really want to see this become something exciting, valuable and fun! 

"Entrepreneurship 101"
So shall ww raise the ante even further? If people are interested in getting together to share their progress in the Lean Launchpad course... or just want to get better at entrepreneuring... let's set up a weekly class "Entrepreneurship 101". There's a pretty good model for it we can steal, so if you have any interest in doing this.. .learning? teaching? (heckling?).. let me know!

When the Lean Launchpad online course gets finalized, I'll be bugging everyone so you might as well sign on now ;)

And what topics should "Entrepreneur 101" start with??? What are YOU curious about?

Entrepreneur IS a verb, eh?


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