Friday, April 20, 2012

Update re "Dissidents"

Update re "Dissidents"

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your feedback! I'm glad that so many felt so strongly that we need to focus on the human element. AND that that was very much a positive, "good news" post.

If we want to turn ideas into reality, it's people with the right mindset. (And that mindset isn't easy to acquire; it's far more than skills and knowledge, it's a different way of looking at the world. Would you hire someone to be a great educator when they aren't already en route? Would you hire some to be a great researcher when they have shown no signs so far? Community connectors are no different.)

Bad News: Yes, it's true that most institutions, most bureaucracies are beyond awful at turning ideas into reality (e.g., tech commercialization) -don't be offended, just fix it. Become one of The Best!

Good News: Yes, only a handful of schools/labs/companies/etc. are rock stars at this -that makes the payoff even larger.

Really Good News: We are seeing that if you shift the mindset of an organization or community, results follow. (And if you read my blog, you'll know that the keys to mindset shift are KNOWN. Politically painful, perhaps, but known.

And now I'm getting inquiries about doing research to measure that mindset. so, thanks to you all for encouraging me. One project that could be really fun is to identify the critical competencies for technology commercialization. What if somebody wanted to create a formal certification for tech commercialization (eg, for tech transfer)? The testing and training would be based on critical competencies for success.

Should be a blast!

But I *will* need your help...
--> What DO you have to know to take ideas to reality? (at different lifecycle stages?)
--> What SKILLS are needed?
--> What deep beliefs anchor the expert mindset for technology commercialization??


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