Monday, February 27, 2012

Growing jobs is inherently entrepreneurial....

... bureaucratic processes simply cannot generate serious entrepreneurial outcomes.

ONLY entrepreneurial processes yield entrepreneurial outcomes. So.. why do we keep trying to 'tweak' bureaucratic processes when we should know it just doesn't work?

Back in 2004/05 I was commissioned by the City of Boise to do a white paper on what it REALLY takes for communities & universities to collaborate to drive economic development. Thank you for the great feedback so far- it needs an update, so comments still welcome! [ or http:// ]

In my world this is a hot topic - and it is scary to realize that globally there probably aren't more than 20 universities who are truly moving the needle. But interestingly, these pretty much overlap with the <20 schools who are off the charts on "getting" technology commercialization [one version here:].

When 'best practice' = 'worst practice'?
We've been studying these role models and what they do differently. They share several vital, necessary characteristics. (You will be 'shocked' that the key practices are polar opposites of what almost every university does. Ouch.)

For Idaho?
Bad News => we are not even average
Worse News => the average university is dreadful
Good News => it can be fixed.
consider that list of the 'best of the best' in 2005/6 would've been shorter BUT you'd also see Boise State's name.

We know how to get the mojo back.
Want to try??

p.s. Thanks to all of you who have responded with questions, kudos and the occasional (deserved) brickbat over my recent blog posts and Facebook/tweets. Even when we don't agree, it's nice to know that I'm sharing useful stuff.(In fact, when we don't agree = the best kind of feedback. Only way to learn!)

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