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"Celebrate, Educate and Initiate"

Who would have thought a few years ago that entrepreneurship would explode in the consciousness of so many people?

It now looks like:
         2010    2011
Countries 70    123 (so far)
Participants 7 million     15 million


There have always been "how to start a business" books but the last year-plus has seen some marvelous books (hmm... another blog post? But take a look at "Entrepreneurial DNA" by Joe Abraham)

Personally, I have been slacking on getting people engaged in GEW -for that I apologize (How can I make it up to you?) However, if you have ANY interest in waving the entrepreneurial "flag", the week is not over yet! [In fact.. it is NEVER over.. Like Christmas, we should keep the spirit year-round, yes]  Just head over to & sign up as a Partner. Costs nothing AND gives you an opportunity to brag on any entrepreneurial events you might be doing or might have done (October & December events are ok, not just November!)

Too Much Travel, Not Enough Monetization? ;)
As I type this I'm in Denmark to speak to the Danish young entrepreneurs group - the Danish Entrepreneurship Awards which may draw more than 5,000 attendees. Gulp. Anything you'd like me to share with this audience?

Denmark is still about as egalitarian as you can get.. however they have tranformed themselves into what might be the most entrepreneur-friendly country on earth. Overnight. Soooo.....

Why can't WE? 

From Ideas to Reality
My prior trip was a week at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. How good is their technology commercialization program? Top 15.

They really have a marvelous model. (They claim they stole part of it from my old TEAMS/TRAILS program with INL but if they did... they took to the next level, hell, took it up several levels, LOL) Anyway, check 'em out at - the website doesn't do it justice but I have additional information such as their program for vetting new technologies!

The short conclusion -- there is much we can do, so let's.. well... DO!

My promise to you? Time for Norris to get busy. Suggestions welcome.

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