Thursday, August 09, 2007

To those of who keep wondering "Norris, what exactly ARE you doing?"

Hey - thought I'd update you on a few things... Life is very screwy, but the essentially non-paying part of my life (the research on entrepreneurial thinking and how to nurture it, both micro & macro) has accelerated. Really blowing the doors off. (What will frighten many of you is that at conferences, people show early to get a seat for one of my papers, LOL.) Next stop: A project using neuroscience!! ( for some cool links)

However, I do need to work a wee bit more on stuff that gets me paid. (Advice *always* welcome, LOL)

I had a great June expedition that got extended to give talks in Sweden & Finland on how to grow a more entrepreneurial economy (plus the research conferences & teaching doctoral students)- I was in northern Sweden [ Lulea**], Stockholm, Madrid and Turku [Finland]. Lulea included my being the Distinguished Opponent for a doctoral dissertation defense; Madrid was the Babson Entrepreneurship conference for cutting-edge research; Finland was ICSB which has a more practice/teaching emphasis.

I even got to indulge my jones for social entrepreneurship, meeting with experts in getting the disabled back to work in all 3 countries [a friend has a colleague who's a social entrepreneur in this space. I had a crisis to deal with that further delayed my re-surfacing in my Boise routine, but that seems to be handled.

I'm off for a few days to Philly for the outsized Academy of Management meetings (I have 5 sessions, including THE workshop on social entrep, more cognition stuff and the "double helix" for development that Idaho is using - you'll see in the attached) then back here to keep trying to figure out what I can do to help Idaho nurture a more entrepreneurial economy. (I also did get my arm twisted to write the attached for "Idaho Business IQ" magazine. Comments are MOST welcome! You can even leave me rude comments on the IQ's site - )

I've been writing for the blog site (check it out!)
And now I'm edging into my own blog: (ditto!)

Please check it out & tell me:
What should I write about next?
What will matter the most to help entrepreneurs?
To help Idaho??

** 22 hours of daylight was a bit much, LOL