Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Help Me Celebrate My Birthday?

Help Me Celebrate My Birthday!

A while back I asked you, my fellow champions of entrepreneurship, "What should I do?" The #1 answer was...

"More!" ....of course, I haven't blogged since. ;)

How can you help me celebrate?

April 14 is known for two things:
Lincoln was shot
The Titanic hit the iceberg
and if things do come in threes...
well, I don't want my birthday to join the above! ;)

Therefore.. in honor of my elderliness, here's my offer:

I will offer up to 1 hour of my services (within reason, LOL) pro bono* to help you or your community.

Obviously, you really don't want me trying to help you with things I'm clueless about. (decluttering a residence comes to mind). But if it's something where i can be helpful, even useful? (Check my bio, if you like:

Something that could have entrepreneurial impact on you, your community, or? Exactly.

Big impact? Even better.

I'm likely to get swamped here, so things I'm actually good at or things I love (or if you pick up the coffee/beer/lunch, LOL) will affect how quickly I can get to a particular request. Let's negotiate!

So.. how can I help?

What do I ask in return? I was going to ask that you promise to get involved with Global Entrepreneurship Week but as I have plenty of time to bug you (it's mid-November) here is my "ask": Do something to celebrate entrepreneurship - whether an entrepreneurial hero, an entrepreneurial champion, or just repeat the entrepreneurial mantra in public.Get others to chime in. Loudly!

I. Am. An. Entrepreneur. []

Honored to know you all. /nk

p.s. Steal-able Items for Idaho: I will post very soon re my teaching in the University of Seville's brand-new Masters of Entrepreneurship program (their model would make a perfect certificate program here...)

How You REALLY Commercialize New Tech: I will also share the amazing insights & achievements in commercializing green tech that I saw at the recent NCIIA conference [ ; schedule: ] where we saw how doing entrepreneurship education the right way & for the right reasons.. really can change the world. (And, sadly, how if you're not doing it right, where people don't 'get it'... it may be worse than not at all.)

More Hope for the Future! And I will share my meeting with Scott Case, the new ceo for StartupAmerica Parternship. (And, yes, I did invite him to Idaho. Heh, heh)


* pro bono is Latin, of course, for "sucker".. ;)

"2011 will be the Year of the Entrepreneur!"
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