Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy Global Entrepreneurship Week!

Happy Global Entrepreneurship Week!

Sorry that I keep getting invites elsewhere for this great week but I *am* thinking of you all.
Amazing, amazing things afoot globally but Idaho is inching forward. GE "Week" hasbecome a misnomer, now a year-round celebration.

In honor of GEW, I will post items this week to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn with hashtag #IdahoRocks so please follow at @entrep_thinking on Twitter and/or 'Norris Krueger' on LinkedIn and Facebook.

I will be posting the good news for Idaho, the USA and the world on entrepreneurship.. but please feel free to add your own items with the #IdahoRocks hashtag. (Even if you're not from Idaho, lol) I will also try to remember to update the blog with this.

MONDAY: First fun item...

During my visit to the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, I made a couple of solemn promises to the Foundation, one of which was to make sure that their powerful introductory entrepreneurship training program "Ice House" get going in Idaho. Watch these videos and tell me that you aren't just as psyched as I am!

Ice House
short video (3 min):
longer video:

Ping me via email ( or Twitter or Facebook if you're interested in helping!

TUESDAY: Top Ten Myths/Misconceptions About Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship!

WEDNESDAY: from my dear friends at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation...
Maybe THE highlight of my recent visit there! 305 people roaring with entrepreneurial energy... wow, just wow!


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