Thursday, October 17, 2013

Gobsmacked :)

(Always wanted to use that word.)

This NACCE conference has been a mind-blower. Again. The potential of community colleges to grow entrepreneurs AND entrepreneurial communities is unparalleled. (Natl Assn for Community College Entrepreneurship)

Seeing what programs (and funding!) is readily available is exciting as hell.

Seeing what other community colleges are doing (often without spending much money) was great. (Only a *little* envy*over my buddies at Spokane CC, Walla Walla CC and (*drum roll*) North Idaho College partnering so brilliantly with Avista. A public utility teaming up so closely with community colleges to drive their economic development efforts? OK… VERY envious!)

Seeing the Immense Potential of community colleges… priceless.
·         Who else is better able to deliver all-out true experiential learning? And do it well?
·         Who else is better able to bring in and skillfully use expert mentors from the community?

The resources coming online have me revved up…
            The Kauffman Foundation [] alone has:

·         Ice House blended/online experiential entrepreneurship training – gone global and just recognized by the Vatican for the good that Ice House is doing in Africa to empower. []

·         “1 Million Cups” weekly coffee meetup – in KC, now up to >300 people every week (300!)

·         The online Founders Academy

·         Helping the Khan Academy to create an entire channel just for entrepreneurship

·         Supporting Global Entrepreneurship Week [ – have YOU signed up yet?]

·         Supporting Big Omaha and Big Kansas city (
                               Who wants in on doing a Big Idaho????

·         The new Slingshot initiative that plugs in badass Entrepreneurs-in-Residence at 10 lucky CCs.
p.s. Why not IDAHO?????

I’m now in DC for the ICSB Public Policy conference ( then Monday-Wednesday (21st-23rd) I am invited to the Kauffman Foundation to talk projects!

Any messages from Idaho/Boise for the Kauffman crew?

           As always....  Entrepreneur Up!


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