Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Global Entrepreneurship Week!

Global Entrepreneurship Week November 15-22, 2010

In 2009, well over 2 million participants in over 100 countries
In 2010, we expect as many as TEN million participants worldwide

It's not too late to sign up & join the fun!
The gauntlet has been thrown down. Idaho has been challenged to sign up a bunch of official partners for GEW. In response to that challenge, the regional GEW coordinator for the state of Idaho cordially invites you to be an official partner in GEW 2010. There is no cost, so why not be part of the fun? And...

The real power of GEW is to inspire continuing events all the way through 2011!
Global Entrepreneurship Week typically features one or more marquee events during the week, if possible, connected to one of that year's feature events. However, there's nothing to preclude additional events before, during & after the Week. For example...

In 2009, Idaho put on one of GEW's signature events, Startup Weekend. (In fact, it's because of Idaho that Startup Weekend became a featured event for GEW!) For 2010 and on into 2011...

Here in Idaho, please feel free to register any entrepreneurship-related event that you are doing in November and December as a GEW event at www.gewusa.org or www.unleashingideas.org (or feel free to ask me to post it for you – whatever is easier for you.) Finally...

Isn't it about damn time that we start doing more things together as an ecosystem?
I'd love to figure out some things we can do together (not just now but all the way through 2011!):
* How can I help YOU to put on an event all the way through 2011?
* How can I help you get others connected to your 2010-2011 events?
* How can I help you connect with events that others are doing?

The good folks at GEW HQ are “nudging” me [with blunt instruments] to recruit partners far & wide across Idaho, so I'd be particularly jazzed if you & your organization would sign on.

Will you do us the honor?

Just Entrepreneur It!

p.s. and did I mention? Sign up at www.UnleashingIdeas.org or www.gewusa.org (and it's free)

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