Friday, October 15, 2010

What I Did on My Summer ‘Vacation’


International Council for Small Business

Ø Workshop on best practice in teaching social entrepreneurship

Ø Presented paper on neuroentrepreneurship []

Ø Assisted with doctoral consortium

Ø Workshop, Public Policy re Entrepreneur Development with Kauffman Foundation, et al. [ – 3 sets: Flora, Doss, ‘Cutting Edge’]


Idaho Innovation Council

Ø Invited Talk, “Entrepreneurial Job Creation” []


Academy of Management schedule

Friday –

Ø Speaker, panel on cutting edge teaching in social & sustainable entrepreneurship [ see ppts on slideshare]

Ø Research team meeting, crossnational study of entrepreneurial intent (N>60,000)

Ø Symposium of nascent entrepreneurs by country (GEM, PSED)

Saturday –

Ø Convenor, mini-workshop on Lean Startup model

Ø More job creation & firm formation data

Ø More social/sustainable entrepreneurship (research needs)

Ø Entrepreneurship Division Reception (at Miles Davis exhibit!)

Sunday –

Ø More research project meetings

Ø Executive Committee, Entrepreneurship Division (I'm newly elected Rep-at-Large)

Ø IDEA Awards for Research Excellence (invited gala dinner for leading scholars)

Monday –

Ø Business meetings, etc.

Ø Meeting with China group re potential projects in China

Ø Research meeting, crossnational study on impact of entrepreneurship education

Tuesday –

Ø Chair, symposium on nascent entrepreneurs

Ø Got interviewed re best practices at technology commercialization

Ø Speaker, symposium on neuroscience & entrepreneurshi


Kauffman Global Organizers (Startup Weekend) Conference

Ø Speaking on 'lean startups'

Ø Meetings with various Kauffman officials

Ø Confer re NSF


GWU Global Conference for Research on Business Creation

Ø Policy implications and practical implications


NYU Satter International Research Conference on Social & Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Ø “Entrepreneurs Pay Themselves Last”: Rent creation & allocation

Ø Cognitive science in social entrepreneurship: a review & research agenda

Technology Transfer Society international meetings

Ø More lean startup

Ø State of the art in Technology Commercialization: Policy Issues

Ø Research project meeting, collaboration across state Innovation Councils

Global Entrepreneurship Week / National Entrepreneurs Day!

NEW! December fun

December 1 - North Carolina

> Confer with North Carolina Innovation Council

> Speech on Social & Sustainable Entrepreneurship

December 9 - Germany

> Speech & expert panel: "Training the Entrepreneurial Trainer" (how to provide truly experiential learning.. and how not to)

*2011* commitments so far

Research meeting, crossnational study of cognitive change in entrepreneurial learning (Feb, Denmark)

Midwinter Meeting, Entrepreneurship Division Executive Committee [Academy of Management]

NCIIA (March)

Still more lean startup - how lean startup principles inform sustainable ventures

Visiting University of Twente/NIKOS/FemtoLab (EU best practice at tech transfer)

Babson Entrepreneurship Research Conference (June)

ICSB (Stockholm!)

Track on public policy issues (tech commercialization)

Social entrepreneurship theme committee

Doctoral consortium?

(p.s. Now if only I could monetize most of this!)

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