Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Blog-Slacker is Back... Twitter Captured Me (but getting better)

Interesting news - I've polled my wonk friends in DC, etc. & they already are optimistic. But it will be an uphill battle to get entrepreneurs on the front burner.

I've had multiple short chats with Jim at meetings like IEDA and IRP and he gets "it" to a greater degree than many in DC. I'm passing along my contacts to his office & I've sent this news to them. There are some things that we can be doing here in Idaho that this could help but one thing I've been meaning to blog about is this.

When I talk with the 'best & brightest' folks on how to grow entrepreneurs, they perceive Idaho as needing to pull together, have one voice and we need to be thinking at the strategic level. Policy makers and policy implementers need to REALLY understand how an entrepreneurial economy actually works (some of which is pretty counter-intuitive and a lot of it runs contrary to the prevailing policy winds in DC.) To that end, the people I can send Jim's way will help & some of them are already in contact with the committee/staff; Jim can help them to be heard.

If any of you are interested in a chat about taking advantage of this - not just for us, but for the whole entrepreneurial ecosystem.. just drop me a note.
(or - LOL -tweet me via @entrep_thinking)


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