Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Here's yet another state ranking..

The link below takes to the state rankings for the New Economy Index. One of the better regarded rankings, it ranks the states on their capabilities to engage with the New Economy - just came out today.

For once, we're neither at the top or at the bottom, but the subscales might be enlightening! Subscales look at knowledge workers, economic dynamism, etc. We look good on some scales, need work on others. Now are these leading indicators or reflect the past? That's not clear without a LOT of analysis but I am encouraged that where we appear to lag are areas that we are aware of & trying to address (e.g., shortfall of knowledge workers).

Thoughts? We also just scored high on 'economic freedom' - isn't it time we did some really fine-grained analysis? Projecting economic growth (whether jobs or GDP) is a pretty complex matter... but we DO know what supports a more entrepreneurial economy... maybe we start there?


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